Black Elebit
Black Elebit
A Black Elebit

Base Watts

Cannot be captured

Special Ability


First Appears In

Mission 10

The Black Elebit is a friendly but somewhat dangerous type of Elebit which is smaller than its counterpart, the Boss Black Elebit. Attempting to capture this Elebit will cause it to fly at the player, an action which, if not dodged by crouching, stretching, or simply moving, will decrease the durability of the Capture Gun. Black Elebits can be difficult to avoid as they will follow the beam of the player's Capture Gun once roused. They are often summoned by noise and messes and may run into objects, thereby making messes of their own.

Black Elebits can occasionally be found sleeping. If a Black Elebit is hiding under an object, the object will shake with intermittent pauses, unlike in the case of Pink Elebits whose hiding places shake unceasingly.


Black Elebits are quadrupedal. They have a black, oblong body with pink circular protrusions on the side and bright pink spikes along their back. Their eyes and mouth are white.


Black Elebits, though friendly, are extremely hyper active and can run around at impressive speeds while awake, and will typically do so towards the player's crosshair. Similarly, they will also jump after the player's crosshair aggressively if it is not on the ground. They do not necessarilly run right into the crosshair, however, they will simply run in circles around it, so careful aiming can typically prevent being attacked by one. They will quite commonly hide in things amongst other Elebits, making it nearly impossible to entirely avoid waking some up during a mission. They will, of course, fire themselves at the player quickly upon being hit with the Capture Gun, but they do so slowly enough for the player to avoid them in the mean time. If the player is hit, the Capture Gun will take one unit of damage. Unlike other Elebits, when they are knocked out of the boundaries of the level (Say, over a fence or something.) they will actually teleport back into the level, making them impossible to get rid of.

Elebit Room NotesEdit

"These extremely friendly Elebits playfully bound up to humans, but the sharp spines on their back make them unpopular just the same. Suddenly appear when woken by noise around them."