Boss Black Elebit

Base Watts

Cannot be captured

Special Ability


First Appears In

Mission 10

Boss Black Elebits are friendly but dangerous Elebits which are larger than their counterparts, Black Elebits. Attempting to capture this Elebit will cause it to fly at the player, an action which, if not dodged by crouching, stretching, or simply moving, will decrease the durability of the Capture Gun. Black Elebits can be difficult to avoid as they will follow the beam of the player's Capture Gun once roused. They are often summoned by noise and messes and may run into objects, thereby making messes of their own.


The Boss Black Elebit is essentially an larger palette swap of the Black Elebit with blue spikes instead of pink and eyes which are shaped like plus signs.


Unlike their smaller counterparts, Boss Black Elebits apparently are not quite as friendly. They are said to be extremely angry, though dull and forgetful, and are almost always moving. While they display all the same motion tactics as regular Black Elebits, they do so more of a jumping motion, as though they're bounding around and trying to cause chaos. They do not fall asleep. They apparently dislike loud noises, as they will only appear when the player makes one. (Emitting a loud roar upon appearing.) After a certain amount of time, though, they will disappear. (Making a similar, but not as loud noise upon exiting.) When hit by the capture gun, they will fling themselves at the player just like regular Black Elebits, but they will do two units of damage instead of just one.

Room notesEdit

"A larger subspecies of Black Elebits. Extremely quick to anger; forgetful. Anger turns to playfulness when they spot someone. Once hit with a Capture Beam, they run away angrily."