Gray Elebit
Gray Elebit
A Gray Elebit

Base Watts


 Adventures of Kai of Zero=20

Special Ability

Energy Toss

First Appears In

Mission 24

Gray Elebits are more common in the later levels. They have the ability to form and shoot energy balls at the player, similar to the guns.


Gray Elebits are bipedal. They have ear-like prongs on the back of their head, clearly-defined limbs, and a tail which is separated into two segments. Though they are predominantly purplish, their faces, stomachs, and tiny feet are white.


Gray Elebits are said to be more stoic than other Elebits, but they still seem to share the other Elebits' interest in things such as cookies and games. They seem to be much more powerful and athletic than other Elebits as they will run quite agilely across the floor upon being found while protecting themselves with a barrier which will only break after an impact. They tend to spontaneously do backflips while idle and, in addition, have the ability to teleport from place to place. On top of this they share the aforementioned ability to shoot balls of energy at the player, though they can easily be interrupted while charging one of these bullets up, and the bullets travel quite slowly after being fired.

Room notesEdit

"This most powerful of the commonly seen Elebits was only recently discovered, and so as of yet, no one really knows its true nature or abilities. More stoic than other Elebits."