Land Elebit
A Land Elebit

Base Watts

Boss; not capturable

Special Ability

Reflection, Absorption, Charging, Energy Toss

First Appears In

Mission 23


Land Elebit using an Energy Toss.

The Land Elebit is the third and penultimate boss. It is an over-powered Yellow Elebit and can therefore absorb other Elebits, though during the fight it is only accompanied by Shell-Head Elebits.


This Elebit is large and vaguely ursine with an egg-shaped body, teardrop-shaped ears, club-like arms, a brush-like tail and comparatively small, flat feet. Its body is decorated with swirling patterns. Its muzzle, claws, and ear and chest patterns are white and its eyes are brown. Its stomach flashes from white to red and back again during the fight, though it also flashes green when it is being lifted by the Capture Gun.

In battleEdit

The Land Elebit is limited in power until it absorbs the Elebits which emerge from the ornaments of the Christmas tree, only able to charge more slowly and attack at short range. While absorbing other Elebits the Land Elebit glows red and grows in size. It may then rapidly charge the player or throw a ball of energy.

When powered up its stomach deflects the beam of the Capture Gun; however, the Land Elebit can be lifted and damaged when it hits a wall after charging or if its charge is otherwise obstructed, as by the barrier around the Christmas tree. When damaged the Land Elebit loses some of its absorbed Shell-Head Elebits and decreases in size.

Room notesEdit

"A Yellow Elebit with special rampage abilities. Power and size both expand; grows further by absorbing other Yellow Elebits. Forgets everything once back in normal form."