Orange Elebit
Orange Elebit
An Orange Elebit

Base Watts


 Adventures of Kai of Zero=5

Special Ability

Flight, Gravity Control

First Appears In

Mission 8

Orange Elebits are uncommon Elebits. They are more confident in the air than on the ground; thus, when awakened, they will fly away, flapping their wing-like ears. However, their method of flight is an illusion; these Elebits just control gravity for free motion. This allows them to fully control their movements, even if a stronger gravity field exists.


Orange Elebits are mostly orange in color. Their head is not separated from their torso. They have long, rabbit-like ears pale faces. Their legs are tiny and conical. Their eyes and mouth are the same color as their body. Their pupils are dark orange rings. They have an antenna, but it is orange, and the bulb is attached to the body.


Orange Elebits will often jump up and fly away when found or woken up, and while doing so have the ability to potentially knock things over and even break them. While on the ground, however, they seem quite calm and possibly even clutzy, as they often times will bounce forward a couple steps and fall flat on their faces. Their ears are a very important dictation for their current status. While they are calm, their ears droop down and simply drag on the ground. They might also do a strange little wave motion with their ears, possibly dancing, or a trick of some sort. When they are alarmed or panicked, however, their ears stand up in the air as they look for a way to escape.

Room NotesEdit

"Spreads its long ears and flies. Mellow and calm on the ground, but suddenly wild and mischievous in the air. Dr. Ed found that Orange Elebits actually control gravity to fly."