Pink Elebit
Pink Elebit
A Pink Elebit

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Mission 1

These are the rarest types of Elebits. There are three of them in each non-boss level, but they do not reappear once captured. In general one will be hiding inside of an object and one can be anywhere in the level; the last, without exception, will only appear once certain conditions are met. When a Pink Elebit is hiding inside of an object, the object will shake while giving off pink sparkles. Once found, if not captured quickly, these elebits are prone to teleporting away.

These Elebits don't provide watts; they do, however, unlock the Score Attack, Challenge Mission and Eternal Mission modes.


Pink Elebits possess strongly mouse-like characteristics. Predominantly pink with white faces, eyebrows and underbellies, they have round ears, tiny arms, and floating pink rings for tails. They are followed by a trail of pink sparkles.


Pink Elebits, like mice, are extremely skittish and quick to flee from Kai. For this reason, they should be captured right after being discovered, as they tend to run away immediately upon discovery. They're extremely quick on the ground (likely due to their ability to float) and while running form a small barrier around themselves which protects them from being captured.

Elebits room notesEdit

"An extremely rare, legendary Elebit that was once thought to grant good fortune when found. Always travels in packs of three; extremely powerful and difficult to capture."