Red Elebit
Red elebit
A Red Elebit

Base Watts


 Adventures of Kai of Zero=2

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First Appears In

Mission 1

Red Elebits are very common.They have the ability to sound an alarm when startled which in turn frightens other nearby Elebits. Since Elebits provide fewer watts if they are captured when startled, the best way to handle a Red Elebit is to sneak up on it or to snatch it from a distance.


Red Elebits are mostly red with round, horned heads and conical bodies and appendages. They have white teardrop-shaped faces, as well as a white bib-like shape on their front, like the dickey of a tuxedo, with red button-like circle on it. Their eyes and mouth are dark brown, and they have star-shaped pupils.


Red Elebits are very skittish, more likely to panic than Green Elebits and more frequently found hiding under objects. When discovered, a Red Elebit will might hunch over to tremble in place or look around for a way to escape. If no escape route is found, they will either begin to cry or raise an alarm. The alarm alerts any Elebits nearby; their crying, however, sometimes draws other Elebits closer as they attempt to comfort the Red Elebit.

The horns of a Red Elebit might denote a mischievous streak, as they have a tendency to climb up the sides of objects and jump across gaps. Additionally, a pair of Red Elebits can almost always be found inside of Tanks and Artillery, implying that they are the ones controlling them and attacking Kai.

Room notesEdit

"A coward and cry-baby of an Elebit. Quick to flee; hides under things when startled, or cries if this is not possible. Sometimes other Elebits gather to comfort a crying Red Elebit."