Shell-Head Elebit (l)

Base Watts

None; found in boss level only

Special Ability

Energy Toss

First Appears In

Mission 23

A small Shell-Head Elebit is simply a Yellow Elebit (l) that has a piece of Christmas ornament on it's head. It will, instead of trying to toss stuff at the player, throw energy blasts. This ability seems linked to the Earth Elebit since these will only attack the player when the Earth Elebit has absorbed enough Shell-Head Elebits.


Large Shell-Head Elebits are nearly identical to large Yellow Elebits with the exception of the ornament fragment on their head, which resembles an egg shell.

Room notesEdit

"Multiple Yellow Elebits drawn into a Land Elebit and pushed into a tree ornament, where they merge. Not aware of the fact that they are wearing a shell of ornament fragments on their head."