Small Clay Figure
Vital statistics
Type Decoration
Item group Dad's Study & Room
Activation Method n/a
Effects None
Appears In Mission...

The Small Clay Figure is one of the items in the "Dad's Study & Room" category. It is a vaguely hourglass-shaped figure with Egyptian heiroglyphs engraved on its front. The figure is topped with a sculpted bird head wearing a headdress - probably meant to represent Ra, Horus, or Qebehsunuef in the Egyptian pantheon. This figure, mostly cream-colored, might be modeled after ancient Egyptian canopic jars.

This item has no extra function.  Elebits may sometimes be hidden beneath it.

In story mode, this item is found in Dad's Study on a bookshelf.

Object Viewer descriptionEdit

"A small creepy clay figure from some foreign land."