Yellow Elebit (l)
Large Yellow Elebit
A large Yellow Elebit

Base Watts

Cannot be captured

Special Ability

Tossing items

First Appears In

Mission 18

Yellow Elebits are uncommon Elebits. They enter this large form after absorbing other Elebits. They have the ability to pick up and throw items, possibly through telekinesis. Yellow Elebits are more wild at this size and, unlike their smaller forms, are unable to be captured. Large Yellow Elebits can be squished with a heavy item or damaged on the surrounding environment to make the Elebits separate.


Large Yellow Elebits bipedal and are mostly yellow in colour. They have distinct heads and bodies. They have small triangular ears. Their arms are longer and better defined. Their eyes and tails are brown; their snouts and the mark on their chest are white.


Large Yellow Elebits display a wide variety of body language as they go around the level after being formed by small Elebits. They appear quite irritable as they frequently stamp their feet on the ground and steam rises off their heads, and they will soon after start trying to pick up objects around them telepathically by raising their arms in the air and pulling things in. (The objects give off small yellow lightning bolts while they are floating.) If they are successful in hitting the player with an object, they show their pleasure by happily clapping their long flapping arms together. When they are hit with something, they can possibly become dazed, though they will usually just be knocked over. They can hide under things and fall asleep like normal Elebits, but this behavior is not as common. When being picked up, they show clear discomfort as they flail around in an attempt to break free.

Elebit Room notesEdit

"Yellow Elebits draw in other Elebits to become the largest of all Elebits. For some reason, they are naughty in this big state, and like to throw things at people on purpose!"