Yellow Elebit (s)

Base Watts


 Adventures of Kai of Zero=15

Special Ability

Absorbing other elebits

First Appears In

Mission 18

Yellow Elebits are uncommon elebits. When threatened, they will try to absorb other Elebits to become larger. Yellow Elebits are tamer when smaller and, unlike their larger forms, are able to be captured.


Yellow Elebits are quadrupedal and mostly yellow in color. Their body/head are spherical. They have small triangular ears, a little tufted point atop their head, and tiny stubs for legs. They have a brown tail.


Yellow Elebits, though their expression appears rather calm and dazed, appear to constantly be bouncing up and down. (Perhaps related to their love for sugar.) This bouncing becomes increasingly fast the more upset they are. When they are in a panic, they will tend to start trying to absorb other Elebits in the area, which is apparent by a bright yellow glow that appears around them and a fainter yellow glow around the Elebits they are trying to absorb. They get around by clumsily bouncing around, and by the form of their movement, appear to have a very spongy body.

Room notesEdit

"Generally warm-natured and innocent, Yellow Elebits are rather weak alone, but are capable of combining with others into one big Elebit. Loves cookies and other sweet things."